The need to merge VCD files with Python has emerged as feature for the pyvcd project. At the same time there was a need to test the traceability features in sltoo. Hence this project was born.

Usage and installation is described in the file. In a nutshell:

pip install pymergevcd
pymergevcd -o merged_out.vcd in1.vcd in2.vcd


In regulatory environments there’s a need for released documents. In this section we try to document one approach using sltoo to generate the requirements specifications.

There’s an in-depth discussion in ReqDevSecOps.

Create documents

These documents are regenerated on every push. The assets/ folder need to be in the repository, otherwise it’s ignored by travis’ deploy script.

The documents are versioned by calling git describe over the respective subfolder, e.g., for the architecture document

git describe $(git log -n 1 --format=%H -- docs/arch)

The idea is to have the equivalent of versioned documents.

To set a version for a document create an annotated tag, e.g., for version 1A of the software component specification use git tag -a SWC-RS/1A. Alternatively use the same tags that are used for the release of the software. This will unfortunately lead to what can seem as outdated documents.


Requirements specification.


Software Architecture.